Why are dogs considered better pets than others?

Why are dogs considered better pets than others

Everyone has his own opinion about which pet is better than the other. Some people consider dogs better than cats, while others’ opinions are different. Are dogs really better than cats or not? Why do most people buy dogs as their pet animal? Let’s talk about some of the reasons behind this.

Dogs are better than cats as they are more trainable, can protect you and use the bathroom outside. (Don’t worry cat lovers! Cats are also better than dogs due to several reasons.) It’s just a comparison between them.

Below are some reasons why dogs are better than cats:

1. No litter boxes

Dogs can be house trained and there is no need for litter boxes. Dogs also stick to a schedule. They do their business during outside walks or use the yard. The poop and pee happen outside, not inside the house.

2. Dogs adapt themselves to change

A lot of dogs tend to accept change easily compared to cats that don’t like change and are sensitive to their environment.

3. Dogs can be trained easily

Most dogs enjoy training and love to work. They are highly motivated by food and attention. You can even communicate with your pet dog through training it how to give a response at a particular call. They gladly sit, shake and stay to receive a good reward. 

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4. Protection

Dogs can protect you through barking or growling to alert you from strangers and even fight sometimes which cats can’t run or hide when faced with trouble. Large dogs seem like better watch dogs, however kitties and small dogs are even more alert detecting noise outside.

5. Man’s good friend

Dogs are considered as faithful companions and loyal helpers of humans and are regarded as “man’s best friend”. 

However, it is fair to say that dogs are the center of their own universe and cats are the center of their own universe. 

6. Dogs just want having fun

Dogs love to play with people while cats usually love to play with string and cat ball toys not with people. You can have fun with tug of war games with your dog. You can also enjoy playing chase in your yard and neighborhood.


Every species has its own pros and cons. Comparing cats and dogs is just like comparing mangoes to apples. Both dogs and cats are special in their own ways. It’s just a matter of fact. If you have dogs, you will fall in love with them and if you own a cat, you contend with it also.

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