Ramneek Sidhu, A young Entrepreneur for Every Digital Mind

Ramneek Sidhu

Last week, I wrote a blog post about the arrival of Ramneek Sidhu at Dubai International Airport. Most of the readers of Bnejisfarm blog commented and showed interest in knowing who Ramneek Sidhu is, about his lifestyle, net worth, his success story and more.

Let me tell you 1st who Ramneek Sidhu is and then will share the complete information about him. 

Let’s get started

Who is Ramneek Sidhu?

Ramneek Sidhu is a 28 years old young Indian entrepreneur who is a source of thrill on social media for being a successful digital marketing mind at the age of 20 initiating his own marketing agency. 

Here are some of the key points that make him distinguished in the world of social media Marketing.

  • While studying, Ramneek was thinking about making money to meet his study expenses and to support his family.
  • He started browsing the internet to find ways of making money without investment.
  • One day, Ramneek Sidhu got the idea of social media marketing as this field was growing very fast those days and everyone is spending his free time on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • On getting the flash of digital marketing, he started research on how he can be successful in this field so that he may get enough money to meet his expenses.
  • After doing enough research on the mechanism of how social media marketing works, he chose the entertainment industry as his niche of marketing.
  • He started clients hunting in the entertainment field and found some of the clients from showbiz. 
  • Due to strategic marketing techniques, the number of his clients went on increasing to much extent. 
  • Ramneek Sidhu then started hiring talents for his clients’ projects of marketing and started his own agency known as Digital Kings. 
  • His agency, Digital Kings is operating from India and also has an office in Dubai. 
  • Ramneek Sidhu is also fond of travelling and often visits Dubai and other countries for his family tours and also travels to Dubai for business purposes.

Ramneek Sidhu Biography:

NameRamneek Sidhu
Birthplace place & CountryMohali, Punjab, India
Current Age and Date Of Birth28 years, January 2, 1995
Academic BackgroundB, Tech in computer Science
ProfessionSocial Media Marketing Consultant
AgencyFounder of Digital Kings
Net Worth of Ramneek Sidhu$4 Million

Lifestyle of Ramneek Sidhu, Early Life and his carrier:

Ramneek Sidhu

Ramneek’s early life is not much known, I will ask him in the interview and will write down the secrets he will tell to me. 

  • Ramneek Sidhu graduated in B.Tech in Computer Science from the Bahra Group of colleges. 
  • Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are a source of inspiration for him as they are innovating in the digital world.
  • He has a passion for doing something crazy and new, so he started working on social media marketing strategies especially managing and promoting Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Ramneek Sidhu Entrepreneur Instagram account has 785k followers and is growing rapidly. Visit his instagram account to know more about him.  
  • His interest in the digital world leads him to the world of entrepreneurship and he founded his own digital marketing agency, Digital Kings.
  • Ramneek Sidhu works for the film industry to promote upcoming movies and other programs.
  • He also has a craze for travelling and visited Australia, Dubai, America and some other countries.
  • Ramneek got viral when spotted at Dubai International airport

We have conducted a live interview with Ramneek and now sharing the key points of the interview with you. 

An Exclusive Interview with Ramneek Sidhu, Know his Success Story Today:

We tried really hard to get an appointment from Ramneek Sidhu, and our management team did this at last. Let me write down some of the important questions we asked from Ramneek and what were his answers. 

Question 1: Hi Ramneek, describe yourself Please!!!!

Answer: I am a great learner and dedicated person. Throughout my digital career, I always try to find and learn new strategies that can work the best so that we may achieve something exceptional and stand out. 

Question 2: I can see that you are a successful entrepreneur in social media marketing. What are your secret tips for the beginners if they want to choose digital marketing as their career.

Ans: The simple and very easy trick for someone who wants to be successful in the field of social media marketing lies in the line, “Start, Learn, Experience & Succeed” This formula is not only for digital marketing, but also for any field one wants to join. 

So, according to Ramneek Sidhu, success in any field of life is possible if one starts today, then remains dedicated to it and struggles hard, learn new strategies and things related to the field and execute them, experience the mechanism and the success is guaranteed. I also agree with Ramneek on this simple formula for success.

Question 3: Who can start Social Media Marketing and Is there any investment option in the field?

Answer: Anyone who has a digital mind can start digital marketing as a career. One must be focussed and passionate in learning and executing ideas. As far as investment is concerned, marking can be done via organic ways or through paid media. In organic marketing, sales are done with different web growth techniques and in paid advertisement, you need to pay for the ads on Facebook, instagram and Google Ads.

Ramneek Sidhu Entrepreneur Instagram Account: 

Ramneek Sidhu Entrepreneur Instagram

Ramneek has joined almost all of the social media platforms available and has a huge audience. Let me disclose some of the facts about Ramneek Sidhu entrepreneur Instagram profile.

  • Ramneek often posts his photos and selfies while he is travelling abroad or doing something fantastic.
  • Ramneek has around 800k followers on Instagram and a lot of them engage with his posts on a daily basis.
  • He has less than 100 posts on his Instagram account, but has attracted a lot of people to follow and engage with him. 
  • Follow Ramneek Sidhu entrepreneur Instagram account today to remain updated about what he is doing and experiencing. Here is his Instagram account link: https://www.instagram.com/ramneeksidhu01/

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