The story of Neha Unnikrishnan, the Wife of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan

Neha Unnikrishnan

You have to be aware of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan wife, Neha Unnikrishnan, throughout her whole life, from teenage to the present. Neha Unnikrishnan and Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan were wed. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, an Indian Army major, died in the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai 2008. 

You’ve probably heard many terrible love stories, but the one we’ll discuss today is particularly heartbreaking. Before Neha’s world collapsed in front of her eyes, Neha Unnikrishnan and Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan were married for two years. 

Who Is Neha Unnikrishnan?

Sandeep Unnikrishnan, an Indian Major, wed Neha Unnikrishnan, an Indian woman. They were a happy couple until her husband was assigned to lead 50 soldiers in the hostage rescue. He assured his wife that he was doing great and would return shortly.

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan wife

She was unaware that day would be her last with her husband. Sandeep aimed to free the hostages and Commando Sunil Kumar Yadav, who had also been taken hostage. Islamist militants from Pakistan assaulted India and took control of well-known hotels and buildings. 

Although her date of birth and other details are unknown, she was born in the Indian state of Kerala. At Bangalore’s Anthony Public School, Neha first met Sandeep. After finishing their studies together, they were married.

Neha Unnikrishnan Wiki

Full NameNeha Unnikrishnan
Known AsWife of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan
ProfessionNot Known
Date of BirthNot Known
Birth PlaceKerala
AgeNot Known
Zodiac SignNot Known
SchoolPrivate High School
CollegeNot Known

Neha Unnikrishnan Age

It’s still unclear how old she is. She is of Indian nationality. Her formal schooling was completed at Frank Anthony Public School.

Early Life Of Neha Unnikrishnan

  • Neha is the late Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan wife, as previously mentioned. 
  • Sandeep was murdered on November 28, 2008, while battling terrorists inside Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. 
  • Regarding her early years, Neha was reportedly born in Kerala and reared in Bangalore. 
  • However, there is no information about her birth date and year. 
  • Additionally, nobody outside of her family knows who her parents and siblings are. 
  • Neha Unnikrishnan’s family has a Hindu heritage, per several online sources that have come to our attention. 
  • She also received her early schooling at a neighborhood school. 
  • She then enrolled in a college and got a degree. 

Career Of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Wife

  • She decided to keep her low status when her spouse passed away. 
  • She is relieved that her husband released the hostages and is leaving her life happy. 
  • She maintains a low profile, so no one knows where she lives or what she does for a career.
  • Since Neha has decided to leave the past behind to start a new life, where she resides is unknown. 
  • Neha’s best friend, study partner, and spouse died while attempting to free hostages who were being held as hostages. 
  • Although their Commando was also taken and expected to be saved, he could only save them.

Where Is Neha Unnikrishnan Now?

Neha Unnikrishnan no longer has a partner in her life. She claimed, however, that she was pleased that her husband released the captives. She decided to keep her low status following the unfortunate event. She doesn’t provide many details about her personal life on social media.

Neha has reportedly been working as an architect but has been under surveillance. Neha Unnikrishnan realized she had no control over her past and needed to start over. 

She decided to leave and live the rest of her life in peace. She said her husband died to protect Commando, who had also been taken.

Neha Unnikrishnan Child

Neha Unnikrishnan had a husband. In 2008, she married Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Neha suffered greatly from Sandeep’s passing, but she was also glad for the numerous lives he had rescued during the attack.

She has maintained a low profile ever after his husband’s passing; therefore, it is unknown if she has a child. The internet doesn’t have a lot of information on her. 

Some Exciting Facts About Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Wife

  • Neha was raised in Kerela, India, where she was born.
  • She is well-known for being Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s wife. During the 2008 26/11 Mumbai attacks, he was killed in the line of duty.
  • The biopic ‘Major,’ featuring Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s inspirational journey from his early years to his last moments, was set for release in 2019.
  • Neha could be more social media-engaged.
  • On January 26, 2009, Sandeep Unnikrishnan received the Ashoka Chakra, the nation of India’s highest honor during times of peace.

Final Words

Neha Unnikrishnan is the heroic Indian soldier Major Sandeep’s wife. He sacrificed his life while defending his country from a group of terrorists commanded by Pakistan during the 26/11 terror strikes in Mumbai. Since Neha tries to avoid the spotlight, little is known about her current life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Neha Unnikrishnan?

Neha Unnikrishnan, a native of Kerala, is well-known as the widow of Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who was martyred on November 28, 2008, in the 26/11 incident while engaged in battle with terrorists.

Is Neha Unnikrishnan Re-Married?

In the year 2008, Neha was Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan wife. She is residing with Sandeep’s family now that he has passed away. We still need to update Neha’s information so that everything is accurate.

What was the last word of Major Sandeep?

Major Sandeep bravely battled till his last moments despite having a gunshot wound to his right arm. He boldly said, “I will handle them; please do not advance,” as he gave his last breath.

What is Neha Unnikrishnan Doing Now?

The soldier’s bravery in both life and death was terrible. He did, however, leave his spouse, Neha Unnikrishnan, his siblings, and his mother behind. Neha has reportedly been working as an architect but has been under surveillance. In addition, there is not much online information on her. 

Is Major a real story?

A movie called Major is based on the true life of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. During the Mumbai terror assault on November 26, he passed away. Sesh and his co-stars did a fantastic job representing Major in this movie.

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