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The Indian army has launched a digital platform for solving army problems named “Hamraaz web app”. This is the need of the hour as India is a largest country and world’s largest army and it is very challenging to handle such a huge army. It became a revolutionized partner for how to handle military affairs. 

You might be thinking how Hamraaz app works, how to login it, who can use this platform and how to login Hamraaz web app. In this guide, you will see all that information related to this tool.

How Does Hamraaz App Work?

Hamaaz application uses a very efficient and secure system functionally connected to the verification of Aadhaar card. First your Aadhaar card is verified and then compared with the army database. The army personnel will get the OTP on their phone number. Keep in mind to add your active mobile number in Aadhaar card details for using Hamraaz application.

Hamraaz App Details

Application name: Hamraaz App Latest version [7.0 | 7.1]

Latest Version: 6.52, 7.0, 7.1

Available: Android app

Hamraaz App for: Indian Army Soldiers

Official Website: hamraazmp8.gov.in

  •                apps.mgov.gov.in Login

Features of Hamraaz Web App

The platform has massive features:

Salary details

The app allows military personnels to check pay details which is a very crucial aspect of a soldier’s life to have pay on time. Pay bills include allowances, deductions, and accuracy in their salaries.

Generating payslips

Instantly, soldiers can generate their payslips within just a few clicks. It reduces the chance of errors and kills the burden of physical paperwork.

Transfer details

Hamraaz army web simplifies the process of transferring and posting. The service members get notified about their upcoming postings and transfers in advance. It allows better planning and getting rid of complexities after postings. 

Pension details

Future planning is very important for any institution, not only for the military. This platform also provides pension details in advance. Service members can understand their benefits after retirement and financial security.

Training and Courses

The web offers various training programs for achieving skills. Aspirants can enroll in such programs to enhance their skills and further career prospects.

Hamraaz Army App

Hamraaz is an Android mobile application developed by technical indian personnels. This app allows Indian army soldiers to use multiple services online. This aims at simplifying for army professionals to use mobiles for online services access. Soldiers also have their access to their personal profile and family information, service voter, payslips and inbox through this platform.  

What services does Hamraaz web provide?

Indian army personnels can get following services as:

  • Personal profile
  • Payslip
  • Family details
  • Notifications
  • Policy information
  • Salary details
  • Change password
  • Feedback and suggestions
  • Fund withdrawal
  • inbox

Hamraaz Payslip Mobile App

Indian Military soldiers can download their payslips online from this Hamraaj mobile web or app. The Hamraj web, made for the convenience of Indian soldiers, gives online access to all their details with monthly payslips. This app is not available for citizens except Indian Army personnels.

Advantages of Using Hamraaz web & App

Many benefits are associated with the Hamraaz app. Out of many, some are given below:

  • Hamraaz web provides monthly salary details.
  • You will get notifications about your transfer, posting or promotion in advance.
  • Different types of Indian army funds available.
  • Removes communication barriers.
  • You can file online complaints.
  • Only available for Android users.
  • Free, easy and simple interface to use.

Hamraaz Personal Login

How to get registered on the Hamraz app?

Only Indian Army soldiers can be registered on the Hamraj app. To get registered on the Hamraz web, you will need to follow these basic steps:

  • Browse the official website.
  • Click on the Sign-up/register button.
  • Enter your PAN and other details like username and password. Enter captcha code and click on submit.

You are registered on the Hamraz app. Next step is Hamraaz personal login.

How to do Hamraaz web personal login?

For Hamraaz personal login on the platform, follow these steps:

You have successfully logged into your Hamraaz web account. 

How to recover your account password?

Here is ow to recover your password:

  • Click on the “forgot password” tab on the login page.
  • Next, enter your PAN number.
  • Enter captcha and click submit.
  • Enter your new password and click submit.

You successfully recovered your password.

Disclaimer* : We have collected information from different articles from different sources. There may be mistakes.

Hamraaz Web Indian Army App Download

You can download this application from the official website of Humraaz. It is not available at Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hamraaz App

Who can use the Hamraaz personal app?

Only Indian army soldiers can use this platform for different online services. Other citizens cannot have access to this app.

Is Hamraaz web app secure?

Yes, Hamraz web is 99% secure employing advanced encryption to secure sensitive military information.

What services does Hamraaz app provide?

Hamraz app provides a number of online services including Personal profile, Payslip, Family details, Notifications, Policy information, Salary details, Feedback and suggestions, etc.

What is the hamraaz web app latest version 2023 download?

Hamraaz app download latest version 2023 is 7.2 for Android.

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Hamraaz web app is a digital platform for soldiers of the Indian Army that features details about their payslips, notifications about transfer, posting and promotions. It is a good step for future planning. Soldiers get benefits from this advanced encrypted web platform in a number of ways.They can get in touch with the latest news, policies and fund details. 

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