5 Signs Your Toddler Needs A Pillow

Signs Your Toddler Needs A Pillow

You kiss your toddler goodnight and you have noticed something strange. Does your child have trouble getting a comfortable night sleep? Are they turning and tossing their position the whole night? What do these signs mean? Consider adding a pillow to your toddler sleep routine. Now you are thinking when your child is ready for a pillow. 

This article discusses the signs that indicate your young one needs a pillow. This also explores different tips in choosing the perfect pillow.

5 Signs your toddler needs a pillow

Is your toddler uncomfortable in his bed? Does he wake up early in the morning or constantly shift his sides throughout the night? These are the signs indicating your toddler needs a pillow. Let’s look at different signs here:

1. Your child is restless at night

If your child is restless or feels irritable at night, he might need a pillow. Give them a pillow and see if it makes a difference in sleeping. If your child sleeps peacefully at night, you will understand this sign.

2. Your child rests his head on objects

It may be possible that your child is resting on different objects like toys, stuffed animals, blankets or his arm. This sign indicates that your toddler needs a pillow.

3. Your child using your pillow

If your child tries to use your pillow, it is a sign that he needs a pillow. Being a parent, find a comfortable pillow for your toddler.

4. Your child showing interest in a pillow

Your child may start expressing interest in a pillow already available, it could be a signal of having his own pillow.

5. Your child enjoys the comfort of pillow

When it comes to comfort for your toddler, the preferences matter. He can benefit from a toddler pillow while lying or sitting on the bed. If they need extra comfort and support, choose the best toddler pillow or buy a new one online making sure to give good sleeping comfort.

How to choose a pillow for your toddler

Choosing a pillow for your toddler requires attention. You have to know the following things while choosing it:

#1. Perfect size and thickness

Pillows for toddlers are smaller than adult pillows at around 12 x 16 inches. Make sure to have a thinner pillow to avoid strain in the neck.

#2. Breathable fabric

Opt for a breathable pillow made of natural fibers like bamboo or cotton to have comfortable sleeping throughout the night.

#3. Soft and easy to clean

The pillow should be soft, providing consistent support and washable.

#4. Hypoallergenic fillings

Choose a pillow with hypoallergenic fillings of polyfil, memory foam or latex, in case your toddler is allergy sensitive. It should also be toxic free and free from harmful chemicals as they cause serious illnesses.


You must be looking for signs your toddler needs a pillow. Being his parents, you have to arrange a pillow before you see something strange. Introduce a pillow when your child is ready for it. You will see different signs like restless sleeping, using toy as pillow, using your pillow, etc. If this is the case, she is ready for a pillow. 

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